Peter Stougaard, PhD in microbiology and biotechnology. Co-founder, owner and Chairman of the Board of Nunazymes. Has over 20 years experience from private companies and more than 15 years experience from universities. Research focus is on exploitation of microorganisms and enzymes from extreme environments; Metagenomic studies of microbial diversity in Greenlandic environments; Thermostable and cold-active industrial enzymes.
Contact: Tel: +45 3023 1784 / peter@nunazymes.com


Otto Strømman, CEO, co-founder, and owner. Involved in investment management in Greenland. Founder and owner of a number of companies in Greenland like Strømman ApS, Nuna Finans, and GR Entrepreneur.
Contact: otto@nunazymes.com




Mariane Schmidt Thøgersen, PhD in Biology and Biotechnology, Postdoc at University of Copenhagen. Co-founder, owner, and member of the board. Research area is bacteria synthesizing cold-active enzymes and other bioactive metabolites. During her PhD, Mariane participated in an expedition to the Ikka Fjord and her thesis was on cold-active, industrial enzymes from bacteria. Currently, Mariane is doing research on thermophilic as well as cold-active enzymes from Greenland.
Contact: Tel: +45 6126 5235 / mariane@nunazymes.com